About Us

Two Toned Craftworks was created like many other businesses; where a passion became more than just a weekend hobby. It became the focal point. I started my life as an actor, but I always had a passion for  tinkering and using my hands. In the pursuit of my dreams, I started fixing and building things around my house to keep busy. One project turned into two, and an 1/8" gap became a 1/16". Within a few months I was building, had turned half of my place into a shop and opened Two Toned Craftworks. One lifelong dream became two. Woodworking has become apart of me just the same way acting has. It's a perfect harmony between creativity and hands on work.

 All of the pieces sold are hand crafted with the finest wood species. Every single product or custom piece I build is looked over constantly during the time it takes me to craft it. I take my time to ensure you receive the absolute best that I can give. I'm a strong believer in getting your moneys worth and want you to have a piece that'll last a lifetime. 





In loving memory of Precious.